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4 1/2 miles N. Godfrey on Rt. 111


1.3 Miles South of Brighton on Rt. 111

16415 State Highway 111

Brighton, IL. 62012

(618) 372-8161

Serving the Community for over 25 yrs

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Allison Trans

Runaway Throttle on 2003 to early 2007 Dodge 

 Ford Torqshift--Upgrading to 5 OD Clutches

Dodge Truck 1-2 Shift Problem

 Transmission Cooler Lines Leaking

We Specialize in Heavy Duty Diesel for People who Really Use Them!

Allison 1000 Cracked Tail Housing Problem

GM Transfer Case Problems

Heavy Haulers & HD Work Trucks

   Hot Flush (testimonial)


Jay Leno's Eco-Jet

Jay Leno's Eco-Jet car has a turbine powered engine that needed

a special custom-made one of a kind torque converter. So Big Dog garage  had Precision of New Hampton build one for him.


Special Thanks to Precision of New Hampton

for the Finest Torque Converts I have EVER Found!!!



Allison DTC CodesP0700 & P1779

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Dodge Diesel Owners Click Here

Checkout our Technical Tips for Professional Builders

  Sach's Clutch Assy Problem in 1995 Chevy PU 

 4L80E Direct Drum Problem using a Reman Drum

 Mud Racing

 Chad's Removal & Reinstallation Tips & Tricks

  Gallay Motor Sports  

  D & M Performance 

 Karman's Graphic's

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Where the Best Transmission Professional's come Together!


Carla's Faye Cox Funk (kiabunch-grandkids call her)

Grandson Hiro N. Funk (8 yrs old Now)  

 Peyton Faye Cox

Grand Daughter born Dec 29th, 2008

  Peyton Faye Cox   (PaPa's Girl)

Peyton at Godfrey Park

Turns 3 yrs old (Dec 29th, 2011)


5 lbs 1 oz

 Hina Renee Funk

New Grand Baby born June 18th, 2007

6 lbs 13 oz & 16 inches Tall


Call Specialty Transmission for the Latest in Automotive Transmission Repair


Specialty Transmission has been serving People in IL. & Mo.

for Over 25 Years with 31 Years of Experience.

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