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Chevy 2500HD / 3500HD Pickups Torque Converter Bolts with Duramax Diesel

The Late model Chevy & GNC Trucks (aprox 2004 up) with the Duramax Diesel with the Allison Automatic are a real bear/beast to get the torque converter bolts out of. It requires jacking the passenger front wheel off the ground & supporting it at the frame with a jack stand or tripod stand that will allow the wheel to hang down. Remove the tire off the wheel hub & go thru the fender well (some models require removal of the plastic inner fender panel) to access the starter bolts & then the converter bolts. After you dis-connect both battery's & get the starter out of your way (starter has to be rotated just perfect to clear). You can put a large ratchet or breaker bar on the 1 large bolt that holds the bottom pulleys to the crankshaft to rotate the engine to get all 6 torque converter bolts out. Keep in mind the factory used Loctite on the converter bolts (They are very tight). Keep in mind, some converter bolts are a Torx bolt & the updated/improved design has a Hex Head & a Torx Head in the center. If your truck has the Torx ONLY, Replace them with new ones from your local GM Dealer. I will post the pictures on this procedure as soon as I get some good photo's for you to see.

Chad Cox

Chad is (pictured below) is my right hand man in the Shop and as of June 27th, 2009 is also my step son. In the pic's below Chad is learning the proper way to build/assemble a GM 4L60E unit but as he learns how the pieces all go together, he is learning what each item does & how it does it. This way he knows how they work & enables him to troubleshoot transmission problems within this model of transmission. If you don't know how a trans works in all the differ gears, you can't troubleshoot problems with that model.  .


Chad Building



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