Hiro Neal Funk

(pronounced HEDO)

Born 1-17-2004 6:46 pm

9 lbs 11 oz & 21 inches long



Hiro gets a Electric 4 Wheeler for Xmas from Grandpa Jeff

(pictured below)

1 Happy Grandson Below& Above, going for his 1st Ride at age 1yr & 11 months Old

Pictures below are from Hiro's Birthday Party when he turns 2

Hiro gets a Oak Minature Rocking Chair & a Talking Hummer

for his 2nd Birthday from Jeff (Grandpa Funk) & Carla

Hiro gets to Play with a Live Lobster at Red Lobster Restaurant

Hiro is held by his father Matt (left) and GrandPa Jeff (right)

Hiro Celebrates his Big 3 Birthday blowing out the candles!

Hiro at age 3 is learning martial arts from his father who teaches Marines during the daytime


He's growing up so fast, Grandpa misses you little man

A GrandPa's Prayer

Special Thanks to Carla Cox for the Time & Love it took to make this for Me!

(This is a large file but very beautiful , please be patient even with DSL)

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GrandPa's Prayer Poem Webpage)

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