A604 \ A670 Differential


New Longer Solid Steel Retaining Pin

The Solid pin should be used in place of the short design to prevent

the breaking of the pin, allowing the larger pin to comeout while driving. This

Causes Severe Damage to the Transmission Case.

A604 Diff Pin

OEM # 06503827

Diam is .188

Length is 2.280 Long


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I Recommend also Welding both ends to the Diff Housing for the Extra Protection to Prevent the pin from coming out and causing severe damage to the transmission case. It takes very little extra time to weld both ends compared to a complete rework because of pin breakage. Later when I get the extra time to get the pictures needed I will cover some the causes for the pin to break and gaulding of the small spider gears to the pin. The problem is more in the Midwest and Snow related States due to getting one wheel spinning without the other, Guess what happens when it finally catches traction, BANG!

2 Differ size tires on the front of the Car or Minivan can also cause this type of a failure. Failure to change the bearings can cause unexpected metal debris in the pan & oil because the metal hides between the oil baffle and the bearing race as indicated in the photo below.


Photo Here



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