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Runaway Throttle on 2003 to early 2007 Dodge 2500 & 3500 Pickup's w\5.9L Cummins Diesel

Upgrading your 4 Clutch Overdrive to a 5


the New 6 Clutch stackup (under construction)

47RE/47RH/A618 Rear Planetary Fix

   The rear planetary & ring are being a problem on Dodge Trucks equipped with the Cummins Diesel Engine. The problem causes aluminum shavings to be found in the bottom of the transmission pan and in the valve body causing various problems. These problems will cause the unit to fail. I have a Proto Type that is being tested now & unless I run into a unforeseen problem I will start marketing this fix to Transmission Shops, Part Resellers and the end user if they want from this website. This fix will allow more horsepower to get to the wheels in 1st gear where it is needed the most but the main reason is to stop the rear planet from shedding unwanted metal and causing failure of the transmission. If you have any questions or want more info, please email me at shiftkit@specialtytrans.com  for more information and availability. Upgrading the Front Planetary to a 5 pinion steel planet or the NEW 6 Pinion is highly recommended for HD & High Performance pumped up diesel motors!

Important valve body Update (Excessive TV Valve Bore Wear) Correction

A618 Diesel also called 47RE & 47RH

A618 Diesel Units fitted with the 5 Pinion Steel Front Planetary are wiping out the Sun Shell & the 4 Tab thrust washer that fits on top of the 4 Pinion Rear planet as shown in the pictures below but the steel 5 pinion planetary is holding up good. In most cases

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The Replacement Bushings for the Rear of the Sun Shell are not as wide as the Oem Bushing. I haven't found anyone that sells a wide bushing equal to the Oem bushing, yet! Installing 2 bushings into the rear of the Sun Shell gives it more support than the Oem but you have to be Aware of  not to block the Lube Oil Hole that's indicated by the seal pick in the photo below.

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If you have a truck that is running in low gear a lot, as in on the farm or like the unit I come across which was diesel used by a mining company used it for driving around into the mine. These units are wiping out the 4 Pinion Rear Planetary, this can be prevented by installing a bearing between the rear ring gear and planetary. I have all of the details and will post as soon as the photo's are ready.

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