1995 Chevy Truck with New Sach's Clutch Assy. that does NOT dis-engage Correctly

Below is the original clutch we removed out of a customers 1995 Chevy pickup with 305 V-8 (5.0L) with more than 150,000 miles of wear. This information was put together to prevent someone else from going thru a month long hell because the clutch would not dis-engage properly due to the clutch manufacturer changing the design of the pressure plate assembly & their denial that thee was any problem with their parts. After removal of the transmission over 6 times and replacement of all the hydraulic clutch parts at least 3 times each, hours on the phone talking to their so-called tech-rep. We were left to figure out this problem on our own. This clutch assembly is being sold by a well known chain called O'Reilly Auto Parts but is manufactured by Sach's Clutch Company. I do want to say (Ron) the manager of our local O'Reilly's store stayed involved until the very end and did all he could to help us resolve this problem. I do want to say I will NEVER install another Sach's brand clutch because of how the company denied fault in their product even with Proof beyond any doubt, color pictures and micrometer measurements that proves they have a problem. When talking to this company with a problem about their product you would swear that they don't listen to a single word you tell them on the phone or when you document everything with measurements & color pictures along with a labor claim, which they denied! 

old clutch

(above picture is #1)

Pic #2 below has a red box drawed around the area of the pressure plate where the visual difference is noticed but the company denies. If you look at pic #4 below you will see the diffrence in the shape of the pressure plate. Pic #3 below shows how to measure the overall working height of the clutch assembly with the flywheel bolts installed & torqued to spec's. We found that the Sach's assembly is .250 shorter than the original clutch measures. This caused the clutch to be moved away from the transmission assembly enough that the hydraulic clutch couldn't depress the clutch enough so that you could start the vehicle in gear or to shift gears.

(above picture is #2)


(above picture is #3)

The above picture show's exactly how we measured both clutch's and found where the problem was located. The original measures 1/4" taller than the Sach's New Assembly measures.


(above picture is #4)


(above picture is #5)

The above clutch assembly is a LUK clutch that we purchased from a different parts supplier & corrected our problem completely. LUK offers a 10 1/2" or a 11" clutch for the 1995 model but Sach's only has a 11" for it's customers.