NP241C Transfer Case Problems



    The GM Transfer Case NP241 thru NP261XHD Transfer Cases have a known problem that rubs a very small hole in the rear transfer case half. This hole is so small that most customers & truck owners never see oil on the ground but until it's too late. Once the transfer case is run out of oil it becomes severely damaged & requires replacement of the entire assembly.

GM Transfer Case-Damp

(click on above photo for close up) 

    The above pic shows that this transfer case already has the hole in it & has been slowly leaking for a while now. The bottom of the case looks as if it's only Damp. Anything other than bone dry requires a close inspection & fluid level check. Keep in mind that most fast lube places do not check transfer cases & manual transmissions for proper fluid levels.    

Transfer Case with hole

(click on above photo for close up)  

Hole Indicated 

(click on above photo for close up)   

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