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Here at Specialty Transmission we specialize in custom building your transmission for the way you are using your truck. Pictured below is picture of my truck pulling a 20,000 lb gross (fully loaded) camper. Trucks that are used for towing such as mine need to be built & setup for this type of use. The manufacturer of your truck & the large rebuilding facility's are unable to do this because they have to try and make everyone happy. Many people nowadays are buying these HD trucks that will never tow or haul anything heavy then there are people such as myself that tow serious loads with their truck. These are the customers we go the extra work for, increasing the clutch capacity & durability. Some of these Upgrades are difficult to do, some have taken years to refine. Most serious Diesel Owners have installed programmers onto their truck for the increased fuel mileage only to find out the power level is also increased but are frowned upon when their truck is in for transmission repairs. If a HD Diesel customer comes in without a programmer on their truck, we ask why not?

Truck & Camper

Below is a pic of the New Tow Vehicle we have upgraded to now. A 2011 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Dually Crew Cab Long Bed with 6.7L HO Cummins Diesel. Due to the weather, I don't have any pic's with the new truck hooked up to the camper or to the 34 ft gooseneck trailer we tow but I can tell you, WOW, This thing is incredible! I do want to say Thanks to H&S Programmers for their Engine & their Transmission Tune " It's a Un-believable Difference " The long bed cab & being a dually handles the weight & the wind so much better than before. It's easy to forget that you are towing a extra 20,000 lbs when you are hooked to the camper.

2011 Dually

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