Hot Flush

This is the one must have tool that anyone that does transmissions should not

be without. I have owned & operated my own shop for 20 yrs using the standard, run of the mill, solvent cooler lines flushing machine, always telling myself that someday when I have the extra money that I would look into one of these machines. You can't afford NOT to have one of these machines with the types of transmissions & the price tag of units we work on this day and age. I owe a great deal of Thanks to my good friend & fellow shop owner Joey Campbell. Joey has been on me for years to try the hot flusher, telling me that I won't believe what it can do unless I see it with my own eyes in my own shop. He was right, below is the true story on how it was proven to me in my very own shop.

    We had a 1999 Ford Explorer with a 5R55E that had the bearing between the forward & direct drum fail, not enough to damage either drum but the bearing had come apart. We hooked up our regular solvent lines flushing machine that had fresh solvent installed with both new screw on filters replaced, we then let the machine run for 9 hours flushing the trans cooler in the radiator & the factory installed Aux cooler. I talked to Tony at Hot Flush that morning & decided that I would agree to their 30 day trial period. Due to the metal contamination in this Ford Explorer & the customer was not due back in town for several days so I decided to hold up this paticular job so I could compare the 2 flushing machines in my own shop. The 1st picture below is what we got on the 1st 15 min flush while the machine is starting to warm up.


1st 15 minute Flush

    The next 15 minute flush picture is listed below, the machine is only at a 100 degrees.

2nd 15 minute Flush

Then we did a 30 minute flush with the machine up to it's operating temp of 190 degrees. The only words I can use to describe what we seen is WOW!

30 minute Flush with Hot Flusher up to Operating Temp of 190 Degrees

    I was shocked to see how poorly my solvent flusher had cleaned the cooler on this vehicle after 9 hours of running. I was ready to install a 5 speed computer controlled transmission that had taken me days to build, due to the heavy metal contamination, and then warranty this job for 2 yrs/24,000 mile warranty that we give with our overhauls.

Special Thanks to Joey Campbell & Tony Blazek of Hot Flush

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