Removal & Reinstallation Tips


Brian Cummings is a ASE Certified Experienced Mechanic

    Brian is sharing his knowledge and experience to make certain tasks allot easier. Have you ever wondered what the engineers at Ford were thinking of when they designed the way the starter bolts up to a 4.6L engine beginning with the 1992 Model Year Crown Victoria? I have seen some people take hours trying to take the top starter bolt out of a 4.6L so that the transmission can be removed. The picture below shows you the tools needed to make removal of the upper starter bolt a simple task.

(click on above image for larger display)

(click on above image for larger display)

The 1 inch, 4 inch & 6 inch extensions are all wobble extensions. The ratchet does not have to be a curved handle but it does make it a little simpler (prevents you from skinning your knuckles) if you use this type.

Brian says " It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to remove the starter on a 4.6L"


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